What challenge is for me?

What challenge is for me? Easy and fun way.

Usually, in face-to-face consultations we determine what regime to draw up for each person. The challenge that most effectively achieves it will also depend on the person’s goal.

Online learning requires some trade-offs, which we compensate with our many years of experience in communities of people with similar interests.

Here’s the easiest way to determine which challenge is best for you.

Please read the next 5 “Avatars” and decide which one is closest to you. They belong to real people, partially generalized with people close to them.

The names are made up.

We intentionally do not provide photos to people so that you are not influenced by their vision.

Our recommendation is to read them all before making a decision. No two people are the same and you will probably find common ground in all five. But still one of the avatars will prevail. Choose him.

Even if you do not recognize anyone, contact one of us for a free online consultation – we always find a solution to the problem.

Slavi Radkov, 39 years old, civil servant, married.

There is no special purpose in life. He tries to meet the basic needs of his family.

He is not happy with his job, but he is not looking for another one, because he is used to this one and is afraid of changes.

Slavi eats whatever he finds to eat in the refrigerator. Drink at least a glass of concentrate every night. Then he often continues with wine. He tries to limit himself to be able to work the next day, but on Friday and Saturday the restrictions fall.

In the evening, immediately after dinner, he falls asleep in front of the TV.

He doesn’t play sports.

Once a year he goes on vacation with his family in Ahtopol.

Collects stamps, calendars and chocolate egg toys.

He finds it difficult to tie his shoes because of the huge belly he has acquired because of his current lifestyle. There is a car. And it’s hard to drive now, because the steering wheel rests on his stomach. He is already so used to his heavy belly that he defines it as normal for his age and likes to joke about it.

Slavi claims to know a lot about nutrition and finds it difficult to trust other people, even specialists. Checks everything on the Internet.

Many of his relatives have offered to take him to a place where they can help him, but he does not think he needs help.

He is often ill.

He continues to live the same way and gain weight.

He wants to do something with himself because he assumes that his children are ashamed of him – they do not want to see them with him because their classmates make fun of them.

He doesn’t admit it, but he doesn’t know what to do, nor does he trust anyone who can help him.

His dream is to regain the weight he had before he turned 30. And most of all, to restore the respect of his children.

He wants to try something, if he can, almost without investment, to make sure it works. If he is happy with the results, he may take more serious steps, although it is still uncertain.

I will enroll as him >>>

Geri Marinova, 48, lives in Sofia, married, an accountant by profession.

With thyroid problems. Drugs for the thyroid gland and others and diseases turn into corticosteroids. They make her eternally tired, even more passive, and her joint and other problems deepen. He gains weight abruptly.

He wants to play sports, but most of the time he justifies himself due to lack of time and does not do it.

Her husband supports her in principle, but he “brings the money” home and she worries that if she focuses on healthy eating, she will not receive marital support. He will try to do everything secretly from him.

Gerry loves traveling and visiting exotic places.

He has social media profiles and often looks at the results of people who have lost weight in one way or another.

She herself does not like to be photographed because she does not like being so full. She doesn’t even have a personal profile picture, she put a cute kitten in its place.

Communicates mostly with clients and family friends.

Her dream is to finally get rid of all diseases, to be healthy and happy and to enjoy grandchildren without being a burden to her children.

I will enroll as her >>>

Dr. Emilia Radeva, a young doctor, 27 years old, not married.

Doctor by vocation. She focused on learning, and now she doesn’t have much time left from work for a serious relationship.

She has a relatively weak immunity and is often ill, which is why she takes a lot of medications that she prescribes herself.

She has a nice figure, but she herself is considered fat and wants to lose at least 2-3 kilograms to look better.

He does not play sports, but likes to walk when the distances are short. However, he constantly travels by taxi. He has long wanted to do some not-so-difficult sports, such as yoga, but he doesn’t. He does not take any measures for a more active life.

She reads a lot on the Internet about healthy living, but the information she finds there is more confusing.

He has the self-confidence of a very well-prepared doctor, but the medical institute does not teach enough about nutrition. This irritates her, because she can judge exactly where the truth is, what is true and what is not, in order to decide what steps to take for the patients and for herself. He often excuses himself with confusing information that he is not doing anything to change his life.

It has enough funds, but sprays them mainly for spa treatments and cosmetics.

Her dream is to learn the truth about a healthy and active lifestyle, to improve her immunity and to live naturally.

She communicates most often with her relatives and with the people she met in the SPA-centers.

I will enroll as her >>>

Hristina Koleva, 26, a competitor in the Bulgarian national team in one of the martial arts, not married.

He has a hobby – he is a radio amateur.

Her father is a retired army and disciplined officer and is almost hereditary.

She is too thin, underweight. In order to join the lower categories of his sport, he often goes hungry and does not drink water for several days. This has affected both her health and her figure – she is too weak and often ill.

He still can’t find the balance between light weight and strong body.

She trusts her trainer, who gives her some powders in transparent plastic bags to supplement her diet. The coach advises her to eat little and not drink any water, especially before competitions, and she thinks this is completely right, although she has not “seen” anything else.

In amateur radio he finds a vent to the daily tension.

The tension comes in more – she trains hard, she wants to be independent, but she doesn’t have the opportunity and she is still dependent on her parents. For this reason, she is forced to agree with all their desires, which, however, are from another time and today are not adequate.

Her hunger has become second nature – she is constantly hungry, but she should not eat.

He tries to learn more about nutrition, how to form a good figure and gain some muscle mass, but he trusts his coach too much.

It is normal to trust him so much – he spends more time with him than with his parents. However, he knows nothing about nutrition but does not admit it. He does not dare to open this topic at all and does what he has learned at the time from his coaches. He makes Christina drink the supplements he gives her. He claims that they, together with intensive training, are enough for high sportsmanship.

But this is only a small part of Christina’s dreams.

She passionately dreams of gaining a tight and beautiful female figure, without starving and without looking as thin as she is now.

She has no time to communicate with other young people and her environment is the team in which she competes.

I will enroll as her >>>

Tsvetina Georgieva, 24, a student in Sofia but comes from another city, not married.

She applied to the university not in the specialty she wanted, because of her father, whom she loves and on whom she is still financially dependent.

Her father has failed to fulfill his youthful dream of completing this specialty and is trying to translate his dream into his daughter’s dream.

But Tsvetina prefers to deal with computers and technology. He started a low-paying job for additional income to pay for digital marketing courses.

She sees that her employer is exploiting her, but she is patient because she needs money.

She is tired of living in rooms and complying with roommates and landlords.

She is ambitious and her dream is to become financially independent. To buy an apartment in which she is completely independent.

At the same time, he tries not to neglect his education because he expects his father to receive money for accommodation and food until he graduates.

He communicates most often with other students, with his roommates and with colleagues from additional work.

Our recommendations depending on the chosen avatar:

Slavi Radkov – PROMO

A 7-day challenge for people who find it difficult to trust strangers and are willing to make very little investment in such an experiment.

Geri Marinova – CHANGE

21-day challenge for people who want to lose weight permanently and improve their health and immunity, fight constant fatigue and feel good.

Dr. Emilia Radeva – ENERGY

21-day challenge for people who are mostly wellness oriented, want to maintain their weight or at least clear excess fat, emphasize the figure and feel good in their skin.

Hristina Koleva – POWER

21-day challenge for two types of people: who either want to gain weight healthy or want to gain more muscle mass and energy, as they are actively involved in sports and competitive activities.

Tsvetina Georgieva – Change or Energy or Power (optional, but required) + IWhat challenge is for me? know how!

The 21-day challenge (What challenge is for me?no matter which of the three) provides basic knowledge of nutrition and products, and each coach has gone through it. I know how! is a system of continuous comprehensive training for business-oriented people who want to learn as much as possible about healthy eating, active lifestyle and our business, whether they want only additional income or a completely independent business as nutrition coaches. . As sponsors, we provide all our knowledge about them completely free of charge.

If you still can’t decide, call us!  (see here).

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